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Seeds to start from

To start seeding and growing I can choose from the following organic seeds. I have grouped them together in boxes according to their needs as Full sun lovers, Plants who after some years can survive on their own on dryland, Shade lovers, Moisture lovers (you are right, not so good in this climate), Plant who need to be watered once or twice a week. 

Two figs, one pink Grapefruit and one Gincko biloba all grown from seeds I will take with me on the plane in my suitcase, without their dirt on according to Greek law.

Nitrogen fixers
Leucaena leucocephala (local!) , Erythrina, Pigeon Pea,
//*Autumn olive, white clover

Mineral fixers (N,P,K ): Mulberry, lemon balm, mint, comfrey,
//yarrow, strawberry,

Mulching / Chop & Drop:
Leucaena leucocephala , Mulberry, Comfrey, Lemon grass, jerusalem Artichoke,
//Autumn Olive,

Mulberry, Lychee, Suriname cherry, Rose apple, Mangosteen, Guava 3-10m, soursop 10m,

Ground covers:
Comfrey, Thyme, Chinese Lantern - Physalis alkekengi (moist),
// White clover, Yarrow, Daisy (moist), Hyssop, strawberry, lemon balm (dry), turkish Sage (dry, 1m), Soapwort (moist, 1m),

Plants to use as a Fire break:
Leucaena leucocephala (local), fig, lemon grass,
// Carob,  rockrose, ice plant and aloe; hedging roses, bush honeysuckles, currant, cotoneaster, sumac and shrub apples ; hardwood, maple, poplar and cherry trees .                                                                                      

* What is written behind // maybe comes in the future, but is always good to know.

Full sun             Some sun some shade        Shade
passiflora           comfrey                                  creeping thyme
okra                   suriname cherry, or                Coffee bean, evt morning sun
pigeon pea        (mulberry)                               ribes gooseberry
Lychee, 10m      Rosella, or                              Ginseng
Red kiwi,10m    (Perilla, or)                              Campanula, or
Erytrina,24m      Leafy Beats                           Japan alone shallots,?
Prickley pear      Basil
Mulberry            Campanula, or                        Wild Ginger, or
Moringa             Mint, or
Surinamecher    Mimosa
Fig (boarder)      Wild ginger, or (warm)
Katuk                  Chamomille
Rosella, or          Chinese Kale (afternoon shade)
Wolfberry           (wild ginger, or)
Perilla Shiso,or   Strawberry Lantern
Choco Trinidad pepper         Guava, or
Tomato tree,or
Rose apple (warm)               Rambutan (13h sun/d)
Chili pepper
UFO squash
Jade bean, 40 cm
(Mint, or)
Shiso, 1.50m
Rose apple, wide
Baobab , zon v zuid
Dragon fruit
Dragon blood tree
purple dragon carrot
Sweet potatoe
Guava, or
Strelitzia  , or
Leucaena L
Pumpkin black
Aubrietia rock cress

Dry                                             Moist                                          Water regurlarly
Mulberry H10-20m/B12m           Suriname cherry                         Katuk
Fig                                             Finger limes                             Mangosteen

(Campanula)                             Ginseng                                      Choco 
Moringa                                     Mulberry                                      x Rose 
Dragon fruit                               Chili pepper                                 x Fig, 

Erytrina                                      Leafy Beats                                 Rosella
x Baobab                                   Mimosa (invasive)                       UFO squash
x Dragon blood tree                   Mint                                             Basil (1x/w)
Jujuba                                        Mangosteen (humid)                   Jade bean (1x/wk)
Chamomille                                Wild Ginger                                 (Wolfberry)
Tamarind                                    Chinese Kale                               Shiso (as basil)
Strelitzia                                     Artichokes                                   Tomato tree, 1x/wk
Leucaena L                                Pumpkin black                             Soursop (moist in summer)
                                                                                                       Rose apple, when warm
                                                                                                       purple dragon carrot
                                                                                                       Strawberry Lantern
                                                                                                       Sweet potatoe
                                                                                                       Aubrietia rock cress

Someone who knows where to order Carob seeds in Europe or elsewhere?


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